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A Thoughtful Twitter Use Manifesto


A way to use Twitter authentically

[tweetmeme]John Miles of Too Much White Space has inspired me to be a more conscious Tweeter with his manifesto on using Twitter in a thoughtful way.
He wrote:
  • I will thoughtfully compose all posts in a state of awareness and genuine goodwill for all beings.
  • I will not feel compelled to post, just to post. Periods of silence on Twitter are beautiful – enjoy them until the next idea organically surfaces.
  • I will only post thoughts to Twitter that have the potential to deeply enhance the well-being of others either by laughter, thoughtfulness or sparking of new and valuable ideas.

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Getting a Grip on Reality

photo by TheRogue

I'm in my head a lot

[tweetmeme]I can be pretty nasty to Me. I have some pretty insane expectations of Me and I rip myself apart when I feel I don't perform to the standards I set.

A shift in perspective does Me good

My bubble needs to be burst. Frequently and often. I need to get outside my head and my little world and the silly little things I tell my Self.

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We’re No H1N1… But We’re Spreading

Spread the Disease

I've been tracking a few things.

[tweetmeme]I've been Googling "Innerpreneur" since June 2008 or maybe before... but I didn't start collecting data on the results until this year, 8 Jan 09. When I first started Googling the term, the first 10 or so pages were about the Ron Rentel book, Karma Queens, Geek Gods and Innerpreneurs. On January 8th of this year there were 8070 results on the web for "Innerpreneur". When I checked again, just right now (December 6th - 4:12 EST), there were 40,300 results for "Innerpreneur".

That's 500% growth. How you like them apples?

The results for "Innerpreneur" are no longer just about the book anymore either. They're now about the soul of the matter, they're about us. Our businesses and our dreams.

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My Self and the Vile Bitch Upstairs

Visual Psychology [tweetmeme] It's fitting that the day my inner critic (aka The Vile Bitch Upstairs) is screaming I would mention an article I wrote about trusting my Self above all else. That's easier said than done on days when She won't shut up. I can barely hear my Self through Her noise.

Authenticity & Cultural Creativity

Laura Cococcia over at the Journal of Cultural Conversation asked me to reflect on the Cultural Creative values of:

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Gen Y Gives Thanks: Challenging the Norm


I'm representing the grateful members of Gen Y on Examiner.com

Sharalyn Hartwell of Generation Y Examiner is attempting to prove that Generations Y isn't a pack of selfish fools with her series, Gen Y Gives Thanks. Sharalyn interviewed me about what I am thankful for and you can read the article in it's entirety here. For the lazier of us in the crowd, here's my favourite excerpt of what I said... Damn, that sounds egotistical. Maybe they're right about me and my entire Generation;)
I am grateful that a change in consciousness is occurring in society, that the accepted rules of business and life are being challenged and that new ways of thinking are being embraced and cultivated. I smile each time I see someone casting aside the chains of our society's ‘shoulds’ to explore what they intuitively feel is right." Read the rest here!

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