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Kara Sorensen: February 2010 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Kara Sorensen

Kara Sorensen Acupuncturist, Nutritionist and Solver of Food & Allergy Issues Acupuncture by Kara & The Food Craving Solution Follow Kara on Twitter

I am:

[tweetmeme]Kara Sorensen, and I am thrilled to help women and men be free of their food cravings with Acupressure over the phone. I’m a licensed Acupuncturist and have master’s degrees in Chinese Medicine and Nutrition Science, so this work emerged naturally. For many years, I wasn’t sure how to pursue my career in health, and I’ve come to a place where I’m practicing and helping people in the way that feels true to my nature.

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Feeling Small Makes Me Feel So Good

Bahia Majagual [tweetmeme] I can't believe how easy it was to shift my life in Toronto into low gear for the last 3 weeks. Sure, it was "stressful" before I left, but only because I made it so.

Being away and unconnected for such a nice chunk of time showed me how overinflated my sense of purpose had grown and how I was lacking perspective. Publishing, responding to emails, helping clients, spending time with family and friends, all of it doesn't have to happen now. Though I had fooled myself into thinking it did. The world isn't waiting for, or depending on, me. I'm not saving lives. I'm not that important. Time keeps on moving, whether I am racing to keep up or not, and this truth feels so good because it makes me feel so small.

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I’m on a Field Trip in Nicaragua…

The Rio San Juan

For the Next 3 Weeks

[tweetmeme] My husband, Daniel, and I arrived yesterday afternoon in Costa Rica, in celebration of our 2nd wedding anniversary, where we are spending two days at Volcan Arenal -- in hopes of seeing some molten-hot magma -- before heading North to Nicaragua and the border crossing at the Rio San Juan.

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