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I’m on a Field Trip in Nicaragua…

by | Feb 2, 2010 | My Journey | What's On My Mind

The Rio San Juan

For the Next 3 Weeks

My husband, Daniel, and I arrived yesterday afternoon in Costa Rica, in celebration of our 2nd wedding anniversary, where we are spending two days at Volcan Arenal — in hopes of seeing some molten-hot magma — before heading North to Nicaragua and the border crossing at the Rio San Juan.

The whole area surrounding the Rio is a tropical rain forest and, apparently, the bio diversity there is spectacular. The Rio San Juan is know as one of last ‘wild’ rivers as it is surrounded by nature reserves, and strong conservation measures are taken, to keep civilization from intruding on the natural wonders of the area. All along the river we can expect to see hundreds of different bird species like: Chestnut Toucans, Harpy Eagles, Boat-billed herons, Great Egrets, Jacanas and Cormorants. As well as other species such as caimans (crocodile), turtles, monkeys, red arrow frogs.

After travelling the Rio, we will head North to the gorgeous colonial city of Granada and then morph into beach bums for our last week, and enjoy the sun and surf of San Juan del Sur. My husband and I traveled to Nicaragua for the first time last year and instantly feel in love.


Feeding My Soul… But Not This Blog

I will be writing the whole time I am gone but, technology has it’s limits, and I’m expecting internet access to be non-existent along the wild Rio. If I had my shit together more I perhaps would have written a ton of posts before I left, and pre-published them, but, alas, I am not that good. So, expect for my publishing to be spotty over the next three weeks as I feed my freaky soul, and take a sojourn from my wonderful business and work.

I wish you much joy and peace. Thanks for reading.

Tara Joyce

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I’m on a Field Trip in Nicaragua…

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