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Another Slice of My Freedom

by | Mar 1, 2010 | My Journey | What's On My Mind

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I feel more joy being less connected.

A web presence… me using the Internet to communicate to the globe… sometimes, I wonder what I have gotten myself into. I question if an online life is truly sustainable and if I truly enjoy it. Do I really want to be connected and online, daily, for the long term?

Being online, on a computer, doesn’t feel nearly as amazing to me as being in nature, or meditating, or writing, or traveling, or trekking does. I love it, but only in moderation. It’s too easy to get lost in.

I want to be online only sometimes. I don’t want my computer, or my connection to it, to be my life. I am more empowered and centered when I spend my time being connected to my Self, and to nature.

Yet I’ve chosen a career that revolves around being online…

Often I am asked, by people not submerged in the online culture, how I balance working on the web. They mention how addictive being online is… how time seems to disappear… and it’s fair for them to assume that, as I ‘blogger’ and web coach, I must promote a tweeting-emailing-publishing-surfing-updating kinda’ life. A life lived online.

My computer is my tool, not my life.

I don’t promote a life lived online. I use the computer, and what it allows, to create easily and communicate globally. But me, as you see me online, can never completely express my life, nor do I want it to.

My writing is my life, not my tool.

I’ve tried writing to satisfy the belief that regular, scheduled blog postings are my duty, but it doesn’t work for me. Obligating myself into writing has proved rather uninspiring.

The problem is, this blog is for me to practice my writing, and I work best when I practice because I love to. I write for me. Just as your art is for you. It’s your choice to click and read me, but your reaction, I can’t control and can never know. I can only ever know what my words mean to me. I am write for my happiness.

I’m choosing to believe that my only duty to you is to love what I do, not to publish x times a week, on y day. I’m choosing to believe that if I like my words, You‘ll like my words, and, for that reason, You‘ll return to read them. Call me crazy if you like.

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Tara Joyce

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Another Slice of My Freedom

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