Guilty As Hell That We Can’t Do More

\’\’Why do we insist upon trying to do it all, and then beating ourselves up when we fall short of perfection?

The Guilt

It’s an icky feeling when we feel The Guilt. The Guilt arises when we can’t do all the things we would like to do, or the people around us would like us to do. We feel like we don’t care enough.

The List

But the thing undone is just one more thing on The List. The List that keeps getting added to. The List that never ends.

The Truth

When we feel The Guilt of doing too little, The Truth is we’re really trying to do too much. And The Truth is we’re trying to do too much because we want to, we love to, and, in some ways, we have to, for our Self.

It’d be kinda sweet if it weren’t so twisted.

A Mantra for The Guilt

I am enough
I do enough
I have enough

Guilty As Hell That We Can’t Do More

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min