Pinning Down How You Help Best

Supernova N49

Stuff I ‘could’ help you with:

  • thank you letter writing
  • organizing your stuff
  • having an in-depth X-Files conversation
  • dog care
  • floral arranging
  • dancing like a fool
  • singing badly

It’s taken me 28 years to develop a very small understanding of my purpose in this life. Turns out it’s not an easy task to discover how you can best add value to the world and, in turn, how you can best receive it back.

My ideas for my life, and my career, keep on changing, and I’m gonna make sure they always do.

Where you start won’t be where you end up.

Your business purpose is going to change. That’s okay. Let it.

How you help best and who you help best isn’t fixed. What fits today might not always.

I’m learning that as your Innerpreneurial journey unfolds, so does your vision for it. It makes sense that just like life and all existence, our values, our gifts, our careers, are all part of a spiral, ever expanding and evolving.

What we think is our truth one day, isn’t another.

Let your business vision change.

Don’t fight it. Don’t punish yourself for it. You didn’t get things wrong. You’ve only changing your ever expanding mind.

Pinning Down How You Help Best

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min