The Me I’ve Been Avoiding

Avoid Me


Me, as a creative being.

I can’t pinpoint where or when I made the decision,

but at some point I decided – THAT part of me – the very soul of me, is

safer being hidden and ignored.

If I don’t share it, I can never be hurt or disappointed by it.

It can never be held up as no good,

and I will never know I am no-talent.

If I don’t recognize it, I can be sure to stay in a place where no one else does either.

But it turns out that the Me I’ve been avoiding,

she wants creative recognition.

She’s never going to be happy being stifled and silenced.

And so my choice arises each day,

am I to start somewhere, create and honour me,

or am I to avoid me,

as I have become so accustomed to doing?

It’s safer to stay in hiding,

and often I  do. Every day I must work to not avoid Me.

The Me I’ve Been Avoiding

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min