Life Could Be A Dream, Sweetheart

Pie in the Sky



I’m hesitant to use the word ‘dreams’.

The word has a touchy-feely quality that makes me feel kinda icky. ‘Dreams’ can seem kinda pie-in-the-sky. Especially in business.

It’s not that ‘dreams’ are unrealistic or unreal. God, no.

It’s that people often use the word to talk about things they’re not acting in direction of. They use ‘dreams’ to discuss the things that they hope to get, but are doing nothing to create.

What they’re talking about is dreaming.

And it’s a whole other kettle of fish. But it’s getting mixed up with the ‘dreams’ kettle. When I talk of ‘dreams’, I’m not talking about dreaming, I’m talking about making a firm intention to manifest the things you want for your life and your world.

I’m talking about getting off your ass.

I’m talking about making small, concrete and strategic daily choices towards your dreams. I’m talking about action and persistence.

Dreams only come true if you’re true to them.

It’s not going to be handed to you. Hoping isn’t enough to make it happen. But You are.

photo credit: Kaptain Kabold

Does anyone else love the movie Clue as much as I do?

Life Could Be A Dream, Sweetheart

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min