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Me Not Always Communicate Good

by | Mar 17, 2011 | Self/Business Growth

Bad Communicator

Sometimes I really suck at communicating… yet I’m also a great communicator. It’s what I do naturally. But sometimes, I’m down right terrible with it.

My coach Teya Sparks reminds me that I need to be willing to be both extremes. That as a human being, it is only natural.

As a perfectionist, it seems insane. How can I make a career around communication and also be a bad communicator? I must be the best communicator ever. always. period.

But I am not. Sometimes I suck.

Not a Great Communication Moment

Like last week, when I wrote about discovering my designer, I kinda forgot to inform my current clients of the post before I published it. It was a bad communication move on my part not to inform my current clients ahead of time and explain the ‘change’.

The reality is, nothing has actually changed with my clients, I still work with them the same way but THEY didn’t know that when I published the article. I gave some of them a scare.

Me Communicating Good

I’d like to take this moment to express clearly what I did not clearly communicate last week. I have realized that:

I am a designer who employs coaching, not a coach that employs design.

This does not change how I create with others. I still think coaching and co-creation is the most strategic way to design one’s marketing and communication tactics.

There is, however, a change in how I see myself. I’m now ready to see and embrace what I am.

Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

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Me Not Always Communicate Good

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