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My Perspective on Mentorship

by | May 20, 2011 | Self/Business Growth

Exploring Peer-to-Peer Mentoring

In my last article I announced that Christine Dionese and I have entered into a peer-to-peer mentorship and, starting this month, will begin mentoring each other through a monthly Q&A column on her blog and mine.

Before we “get columing”, we are sharing our current and differing perspectives on mentorship as we enter into our alliance (to simplify ourselves — she’s a believer, I’m a skeptic). You can read Christine’s here. And here’s mine!

Mentors are:

not a topic, or role, that feel very familiar with. For a long time I felt that the best thing was to do everything myself and to rely on no one. But I’m growing to see the value of mentors now, as I grow to see the value of external support, accept my need for it, and I allow myself to mourn the support I didn’t get.

Mentors can be:

life changers and inspirers. They help you to see your self and your value clearly. They provide you with things you didn’t know that you needed and help you to see, feel and think in new ways.

My advice on picking a mentor is:

pay attention to who inspires you, and supports you. Pay attention to the people who encourage you to expand your mind.

What makes the relationship viable?

trust and respect.

My mentors are:

my husband, my best friend and my coach. Each of them has helped me to embrace who I am and inspired me to live to my fullest.

I’ll never forget:

how wonderful it feels to be seen and supported by someone you respect and trust.

Read Christine’s unique perspective on mentoring here.

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My Perspective on Mentorship

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