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The Power of Our Wildest Dreams

Dream Power Perhaps you’re like me and you find yourself yearning for the completion of your dreams. I dream of the day when my current “struggles” are behind me. I dream of the day when my first book is written and published, and my second is hot in pursuit. I dream of visiting space. The word 'dream' can have a pie-in-the-sky quality to it that makes me uncomfortable though. It’s not that I think dreams are unrealistic to have. I truly believe that our dreams can come true. But we have to be realistic about achieving them.

My dreams can only come true when I am true to them.

Only thinking about my dreams and not doing, I am simply dreaming. I am not coupling the dream with a firm intention to manifest it.

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Stephanie Hamilton: March 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Stephanie Hamilton

Stephanie Hamilton Pure Essence Photographer Sweet Nektar On Twitter | Facebook

I am:

a seeker of the truth, storyteller extraordinaire, obsessed with images that “really speak”, and a facilitator to helping you “Find Your Nektar”!!

My passion is for:

connecting, sharing, breathing, and living what I love doing... then finding a way to bring that “light” out in other people. Images and words combine in the complex tapestry of life and give me clarity in the vision I hold both for myself and to pave the way for others.

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I Want to Believe in Where You Want to Go

Planning I don't believe in plans. I believe in planning. I believe in understanding the general shape of something. I believe in knowing where you are and where you want to go. I believe that measurable goals drive accomplishment. I believe the better you can express your vision and mission with great specificity, the easier it is for you to outline the steps needed to realize it. I believe that once you've determined where you want to go, what comes next can not be determined, and likely won't be in any plans you've made. I believe this truth can free you from the fear of starting and create a trust in your ability to fill in the gaps later.

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Love for Style & Success



We've all got it. Some just need more support in expressing it. Your Style lives in how you do things, in what attracts you; it lies in every choice you make each day. Your Style is you doing what you do, uniquely. And when you can express your Style clearly, it holds something amazingly powerful in attracting what you desire.


If Success is the realization of your personal dreams.

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