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The Power of Our Wildest Dreams

by | Mar 30, 2012 | Self/Business Growth

Dream Power
Perhaps you’re like me and you find yourself yearning for the completion of your dreams.

I dream of the day when my current “struggles” are behind me. I dream of the day when my first book is written and published, and my second is hot in pursuit. I dream of visiting space.

The word ‘dream’ can have a pie-in-the-sky quality to it that makes me uncomfortable though. It’s not that I think dreams are unrealistic to have. I truly believe that our dreams can come true. But we have to be realistic about achieving them.

My dreams can only come true when I am true to them.

Only thinking about my dreams and not doing, I am simply dreaming. There is no coupling of the dream with a firm intention to manifest it.

I get lost in dreaming when I start thinking I need to know how to get to the end result. I scare myself into inaction by the hulking picture of the goal realized. I start to think I need to know how to GET THERE NOW, and of course I have no fucking idea how.

My success can’t be guaranteed… especially if I haven’t committed to it.

The thing is, I do not need to know how to get there. I do not need to know each step to my dream realized. I only need to be willing to act in the direction of it.

To manifest my dreams, and to move from dreaming to goal achievement, I only need to couple the largeness of my dream with small, concrete and strategic steps.

My dreams can not come true over night. But each small step I take does bring the bigger dream a notch closer, and knocks it down a size.

It’s the aching yearning for completion, as painful as it can be, that drives me to act, and commits me to achieving the dream. That is what it is there for. To drive me in the right direction. It is not to be the final destination.

My true destination, I bet, will be beyond my wildest dreams.

“Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin it, because action has magic, grace and power in it.” – Goethe

Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

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The Power of Our Wildest Dreams

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