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Doing Serious Things Badly

Seriously Bad THIS IS SERIOUS, my ego screams. She wants my work to be great. For her, it isn't enough to create, it's only worth while if I create something great. For her, it isn't about quantity, only quality. She is not content with letting me practice and discover my process. She wants serious results, and she wants them now. She, my ego, has begun her screaming, and quickly my previously delightful project becomes a source of anxiety. Doubt has set up shop and I find I'm no longer working for the sake of it. I'm no longer happy just being on the field, suddenly I need to run the fastest and the best.

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Asking My Mentor About… Sharing What I Do

Exploring Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Christine Dionese and I are Peer-to-Peer Mentoring each other. Here's what we've been asking each other about lately...

Christine's Question

"Generally I'm the one handing out relationship advice, but looks like I need a fresh take on this one! I have always had great success working with friends. I'm in the beginning stages of a new project with a friend and I'm already thinking I may need to dissolve the business side of it. I move fast and work fast... and they don't. I can appreciate every effort a snail makes, but not in this case. How can I continue to move ahead, pursuing the project, but solo? Any advice for tactfully going about this with my friend?"

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My Question:

"You have multiple skills and talents that you bring together to shape your unique service offerings; in the face of this diversity of skills, do you have techniques for clearly articulating each offering (and how they might fit together) to someone who is not familiar with your work? What is your approach when (and if) your offerings are not clearly understood by that person?"

Christine's Answer:

Great question and one I work toward answering on a regular basis. My main hub christinedionese.com tells my multi-faceted story so I tend to readily refer strangers there all the time... in the about section I start off in the first person by saying, “Everyday I straddle the dimensions of multiple worlds.” Right from the get-go I’m letting folks know that I offer multi-faceted skills and services.

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Marney Makridakis: April 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Marney Makridakis

Marney Makridakis Author of Creating Time & Founding Flower Child of ArtellaLand.com Artella Land On Facebook

I am:

The founding flower child of ArtellaLand.com, creator of the ARTbundance™ approach of self-discovery through creativity, author of Creating Time, and mom to a wise and wildly colorful three-year-old boy.

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Don’t Take My Advice

Good Advice In business and in life. I can’t possibly know what is best for you more than you do.

You are your own best adviser.

You have all the answers you'll ever need inside of you. There is no one you will ever meet that you will learn more from than your Self. You may need support in asking the questions that will move you in the direction of your answers, but ultimately, what is right for you is a question only you have the answer to. Do you trust that the guide inside you knows what's best?

All the things you don't know.

I have moments where the idea that I might actually know what's best seems completely idiotic. After all, what do I know? It definitely seems far more sane to think that someone smarter than me could know better what to do next.

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