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Dr. Mark Pirtle: July 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Mark Pirtle

Mark Pirtle Skillful Awareness Educator Skillfully Aware Find Mark on Twitter | Facebook

I am:

I am a freelance health educator—a trans-disciplinary translator. I blend cutting-edge science with proven, easy to learn, and fun to practice, meditation techniques. The combination of which forms a comprehensive and novel recovery model for Cultural Creatives.

My passion is for:

teaching people the science and practice of self-change and healing.

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The Perfection of Imperfection

Imperfection What if my imperfections were my road map for growth and becoming more perfectly, joyfully me? What if embracing and supporting my imperfections could lead me to spaces I've never been before? I am not perfect. And I desire to feel totally happy letting the external world know this truth. No matter the situation. Inside, I am aware that I am imperfect, but I hold a hesitancy to accept this truth. I waste my valuable energy trying to resist this truth internally, and trying to portray otherwise to the external world.

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Because My Gut Says So

Gut Feeling I can find it pretty easy to question my feelings, especially when they're contrary to the people around me. I might decide I'm being illogical, or overly emotional, or perhaps unreasonable. Whatever I choose, I'll determine the uncomfortable feeling is something I can and should disregard. I do this despite knowing that I have, like you, sharply honed instincts - deeply imbedded likes, dislikes, talents, and struggles - that are as much a part of me as my limbs.

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