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Zivana Anderson: Septemeber 2012 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Zivana Anderson

Zivana Anderson Time & Energy Mentor Mindset Destination Find Zivana on Twitter | Facebook

I am:

  • Straight talking.
  • Funny with a dark sense of humour.
  • A dreamer who doesn’t stop believing there must be more beyond the humdrum and determined to experience it.
  • Excited by how much more I have to learn in life.

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developing My communication strategy

DMCS_Article I'm on a roll! After having so much fun creating exploring brand Me for you, I've felt inspired to create a series of Communication Design workbooks. I call it the nutshell series. All of the exercises will focus on supporting your identification and expression of various aspects of your Communication Design. I see the series this far as:
  1. exploring brand Me - focusing on discovering how you express your identity
  2. developing My communication strategy - focusing on discovering your goals and approaches in any communication project
  3. building My online presence - focusing on discovering how you want to be visible on the web to reach your goals
  4. enhancing My online presence - focusing on discovering where you can be more visible on the web to reach your goals
I'm really having fun creating these for you. I sincerely believe they will help you. I hope you love them as much as I do. My goal with them is to support you in putting 'your things' in a nutshell so you can be clear and organized to do your 'thang. I'll be back soon with an update on #3 in the series. But for now, I introduce the #2 in the series, developing My communication strategy! made with love for you, TJSignature

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Finding a Good Mirror

Our Mirrors Good mirrors matter. It's important that I see myself as I truly am. It's good for my heart and for my growth to have an accurate picture of who I am. So I'm learning to be a wiser shopper when it comes to mirrors. Just any old reflection of me will no longer do. I'm getting serious about the mirrors I choose to use. Finding the good mirrors, I've learned, is easier when I am clear on what a true reflection of me might look like. Then I can confidently say "in this mirror I look fatter than I am". Or "in this mirror I feel like too much of a caretaker". Or "in this mirror I appear less whole than I actually am".

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