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Finding a Good Mirror

by | Sep 18, 2012 | Cultural Creativity

Our Mirrors
Good mirrors matter. It’s important that I see myself as I truly am. It’s good for my heart and for my growth to have an accurate picture of who I am.

So I’m learning to be a wiser shopper when it comes to mirrors. Just any old reflection of me will no longer do. I’m getting serious about the mirrors I choose to use.

Finding the good mirrors, I’ve learned, is easier when I am clear on what a true reflection of me might look like.

Then I can confidently say “in this mirror I look fatter than I am”. Or “in this mirror I feel like too much of a caretaker”. Or “in this mirror I appear less whole than I actually am”. By knowing what I want to see reflected back at me, it’s easier for me to spot the mirror that shows me as “the funny and clever person full of love” that I am.

After all a mirror can only reflect what it knows, what it feels capable of showing, and what it chooses to see. A good mirror it will have no trouble showing me as I truly am, reflecting back the whole of me. While other mirrors, perhaps more cracked, may prefer not to reflect certain things. In their reflection, if I stay conscious, I might find my colour is muddled, or a strand of my hair is missing. In some part of their reflection I am something less than whole.

It makes sense that a mirror that does not feel complete itself can not reflect back completeness in me. It’s own feelings of lack create distorted reflections of others as less-than-whole too.

That’s why it’s important for me to find good mirrors, those who see themselves as complete — they are capable of reflecting the same truth onto me.

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Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

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Finding a Good Mirror

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