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Alan Seid: January 2013 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Alan Seid

Alan Seid Chief Entrepreneurial Officer at Cascadia Workshops & Founder of the Blackbelt Communication Skills Coaching Program Find Alan on Facebook | Twitter

I am:

A father, a husband, a friend, a steward of the land. I am a coach and consultant for visionaries, changemakers, and leaders.

My passion is for:

Living in harmony with planet Earth, with each other, and within ourselves -- and the mindsets, tools, skills, resources, and community that will help us achieve that.

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Living in the Real World


It depends on where you're looking

There are so many different worlds within this one world, this 'real' world, we ALL share and call home. There's my world, for one. And your world, for two. And you or I can both know the experience of Billy over there and visit his world through empathy, for three. And we can go online and have the opportunity to visit millions of different worlds, each different from the next. We can open a book and visit the world an author is creating with us, and we can turn on our screen and watch different world's others have created for us.

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Choose Your Own Character

archetypes As this new chapter, 2013, begins I'm considering the story I am writing, and whether the character I'm currently playing is fully embodying who I want to be in the story of my life, now and in the future. Do you know what an archetype is? Archetypes are universally understood symbols that reflect the collection of characteristics humans share, and that we use to define and group ourselves. An archetypal symbol could be "the hero", for example.

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