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Living in the Real World

by | Jan 28, 2013 | Cultural Creativity


It depends on where you’re looking

There are so many different worlds within this one world, this ‘real’ world, we ALL share and call home.

There’s my world, for one. And your world, for two. And you or I can both know the experience of Billy over there and visit his world through empathy, for three.

And we can go online and have the opportunity to visit millions of different worlds, each different from the next.

We can open a book and visit the world an author is creating with us, and we can turn on our screen and watch different world’s others have created for us.

And we can listen to music and enter the sonic world of it’s creator.

There is the world of outerspace too, hovering over us, begging us to explore it, and the many worlds living within it.

And then there’s the dream world too…

Layer upon layer of realities, of worlds, that we are ALL feeding and supporting. And that are ALL feeding and supporting our reality. None stand separate, alone or inferior.

Depending on where we put our attention, we have the magical ability to be in infinite different worlds. Who is to say which is the real one?

Only you.

photo credit: Ivan McClellan


Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

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Living in the Real World

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