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Choose Your Own Character

by | Jan 11, 2013 | Featured, My Journey | What's On My Mind

As this new chapter, a new year, begins I’m considering the story I am writing, and whether the character I’m currently playing is fully embodying who I want to be in the story of my life, now and in the future.

Do you know what an archetype is? Archetypes are universally understood symbols that reflect the collection of characteristics humans share, and that we use to define and group ourselves. An archetypal symbol could be “the hero”, for example.

Every one of us, consciously or not, have identified our Self with one or more of these archetypes. These symbols live within the collective unconscious and these archetypal energies are a tool we use to understand who we are, and what we want to become more of. The personal archetypes that most deeply call to us and appeal to us are essentially the character(s) we have chosen to embody and play in the story of our life.

As the new year unfolds before me and I begin to write a new chapter of my life, I’m considering the archetypes I play and which I want to embody more of. I’ve decided to dedicate myself to my relationship with character – to becoming more of the character I want to play, to having more appreciation and curiosity towards the character of others, and to play more with the type of characters I want in my world and in my story.

Looking at the characteristics and characters that attract you, are you playing with the archetypes that resonate with you most deeply? If you want to explore the world of archetypes further, this is a great overview of the 12 most common archetypes.

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Choose Your Own Character

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