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One Thing I Think I Know About Personal Branding

by | Apr 20, 2013 | Personal Branding


There is no demand for my message.

Personal branding isn’t about packaging myself up into a pretty box and showing only the good and glowing. The whole me, not my tidy little message, is what people want and will see, whether I attempt to control it or not.

Establishing a message for myself, deciding on a pretense, trying to make you think what I want you to think about me, is not of benefit to me. And it’s not of interest to you. You don’t care about what I want to pretend to be.

My personal brand, it is my Marketing, and it’s not something I do to you. Marketing is something I do with you. It’s about creating great conversations.

That’s what’s really in demand. Connection.

My message, my pretense, can only prevent me from reaching that place with you.


Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

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One Thing I Think I Know About Personal Branding

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