Saying No


It’s hard for me to say No sometimes.

Sometimes it feels like I can’t just say it, even though I need to.

It feels wrong.

It feels like it’s not an option.

Despite what I feel, the problem isn’t that I want to say No, it’s me deciding it’s wrong to say No.

When I feel it is wrong to say, my communication ends up reflecting this.

I become unclear, and/or rejecting, and our connection suffers as a result.

But, when I stay in a place where I feel there is no problem in saying No, my communication feels all the more open — to me and the person I am connecting with.

By acknowledging and working with my resistance to saying No, I am able to practice staying light and responding clearly with why no is my answer, without remorse.

I can feel that I am respecting the person I’m communicating with, AND respecting myself as the same time.

I am respecting myself enough to say No when I mean it, and I am respecting you enough not to say Yes when I don’t.

I am me, I trust me and I know what’s best for me. This is what I am acting on and this is what I can feel good communicating.

No matter how you choose to respond.

photo credit: fotogail

Saying No

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min