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Yet Another Thing I Think I Know About Personal Branding

by | Sep 19, 2013 | Personal Branding

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The more value found in my signal, the stronger it will be.

I think of my signal as how I am perceived by others. Like a radio signal, my signal appeals not to everyone but to certain people.

I think of my value as how I am of service to others. The more I understand and grow it, the easier I can communicate it, and You can connect with it.

So I tune in. I listen to the marketplace and my community for ideas on what I’m signifying with my brand. And I listen to myself.

Who is tuning into me? What am I tuning into? Are there any discrepancies in what I am are hearing and experiencing internally and externally?

When I work on knowing my value, I work on “developing my authentic voice”. My true voice expresses what’s inside me, and my brand. And the more She shares, the stronger my signal is, and the more of You it will reach.

My signal holds a lot of power. So I need to be careful with it, my communications. I need to be mindful of how I connect with you, and how I share my passions, my values, and my talents with you.

When I find I’m not communicating to add value, it’s wise to choose not to broadcast. Thoughtful communications are what serve me and grow my signal stronger.

 photo credit: BasicallyAdvanced

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Yet Another Thing I Think I Know About Personal Branding

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