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Never Forget Me

by | Dec 12, 2013 | Cultural Creativity


Do you believe that if you don’t remind people of the fact that you exist, they will forget you?

Do you see yourself, and your work, as forgettable?

I don’t.

I believe in being unforgettable. And I believe you are.

I believe that we are encouraged to feel that we are forgettable for the benefit of some.

For when we feel forgettable, we feel fearful. And that fear drives us to buy, and to seek out people who say they know better than we do. We want to believe they are the antidote for our total forgettableness.

Why do we minimize our value so much that we actually believe we need tricks and incentives, expert opinions, flashing lights and Remember Me’s to get and keep clients?

Being unforgettable is our true business aspiration. ‘Building our list’ is not.

You, and your work, are enough for me to remember you by.

Make the experience be your advertising.

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Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

In 2008, I started this blog as I began working for myself. It is a reflection of my innerpreneurial journey, growing myself to grow my business. ABOUT ME

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Never Forget Me

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