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Playing With Plenty

It's taken me a while to see it. And how it limits me. I've always wanted exactly what I need. Nothing more. I didn't necessarily get enough as a child, despite their being lots around, and getting exactly what I needed seemed like a decent (and perhaps lofty) enough goal. Exactly what I needed. Nothing more. Love. Money. It didn't matter. Never too much. Only what I needed. Never more than I needed. Or thought I needed. I wanted what was sufficient, not ample. Nothing ...

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Paralyzing Thinking

What stops you dead in your tracks? One thing that stops me is thinking about my performance. Whether it is before, during, or after an action in which I want to perform and do it well, thinking about my performance paralyzes me. For what I am really doing in that moment is judging my performance, but more specifically, what I am really, really doing is jumping to (very negative) conclusions about my performance. I am deciding I know exactly what You think about it. Except every ...

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Hello 2014!

Happy New Year to you! I hope you've had a restful and lovely holidays. I love the potential of this time of year, an old year ending and new one starting. Being a naturally introspective person, and combining that with a cultural attachment to reviewing the year that has passed, I've often found I'm pressuring myself as the calendar year comes to a close to UNDERSTAND something about the time that has passed. This year I decided to let that go. My attachment to UNDERSTANDing. I ...

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