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Playing With Plenty

by | Jan 27, 2014 | Pay What It's Worth Pricing, Self/Business Growth


It’s taken me a while to see it. And how it limits me.

I’ve always wanted exactly what I need. Nothing more.

I didn’t necessarily get enough as a child, despite their being lots around, and getting exactly what I needed seemed like a decent (and perhaps lofty) enough goal.

Exactly what I needed. Nothing more.

Love. Money. It didn’t matter. Never too much. Only what I needed. Never more than I needed.

Or thought I needed.

I wanted what was sufficient, not ample. Nothing extra. Just enough.

Plenty of Love, Plenty of Money

But here’s the thing. What I actually need is to have more than what I need. What I need is to have plenty. To be ample.

Ample in money, ample in love. I need to swim in it. I need to flow with it.

To accept anything less than plenty is to deny my true wealth. To want exactly enough is me restricting it.

To be truly wise with money and with love, I must learn to receive them with grace.

Supporting the Flow

I’ve been playing with plenty and how I can support this flow of expression and energy in reaching me — and how I can be more conscious of when I am restricting it.

This led me to my relationship with Rise of the Innerpreneur, and how I receive from it. And by playing with plenty I saw that there was more space for it within the value I create here.

In light of this, you now have more options for expressing the value you receive from Rise of the Innerpreneur.

As always, you have the option to share your love with your words by writing me. And now you have the option to share your love with a value payment.

I’ve created an option on ROTI for you to make a single Pay What It’s Worth payment if you feel moved to express to the value you receive, and for loyal readers, I’ve also created a Pay What It’s Worth monthly subscription option.

I look forward to playing with plenty with you.

photo credit: francescobellu

inspiration credits: Brain Pickings by Maria Popova (got me thinking about reader giving), Wild Money by Luna Jaffe (got me thinking about needing more than enough)

Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

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Playing With Plenty

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