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Some Customers: Reflections on Pay What It’s Worth Pricing

by | Apr 25, 2014 | Pay What It's Worth Pricing

Some customers pay less; some customers pay more.

Some customers pay less and buy more; while some customers pay more and buy less.

Some customers appreciate more; some customers appreciate less.

Some customers appreciate more and share you less; while some customers appreciate less and share you more.

Whatever their way of expressing it, they’re happily choosing the experience and to share their satisfaction.

They’re actively valuing what they love.

And the monetary value of this love and word-of-mouth is something truly hard to measure.

I’m super duper excited to share with you that I’ve completed my first book on Pay What It’s Worth pricing! The Ingredients of Integrity: Strategies for Building Your Pay What It’s Worth Pricing System will be available for purchase on my site next week.

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Some Customers: Reflections on Pay What It’s Worth Pricing

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