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Logically Speaking

photo credit MattysFlicks

Logically speaking, when I deny my emotions as a factor my conclusions can’t help but be faulty, can they?

When I deny my emotions, I can’t be rational, logical nor true, can I?

If anything, I’m being highly illogical. Emotional even.

I’m certainly not acting from a place of wholeness.

To not recognize that my emotions exist, and/or the emotions of others, is an imbalance in perception that will not benefit me.

To be neutral and balanced, to honour the existence and validity of my emotions and yours, while not attaching to them, is my only way to be wholly logical.

Because logically speaking, the whole of me must be relevant, as must be the whole of you, right?

photo credit: MattysFlicks

Logically Speaking

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: <1 min