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Dancing with Flow

photo credit malavoda

The flow doesn’t arrive until you break past your barrier. Your barrier appears as that “thing” you feel prevents you from starting. And that “thing” is the part of you that resists the activity, that says you can’t do it. You can.

Once you start, despite this feeling of being blocked and unable, you will find your groove. You will get into your flow. Once you’re in it, from there, it becomes hard to stop.

Our flow feels so good that we can begin desiring it non-stop, without realizing that without our wane, our time of reflecting and in-action, our flow would be of little value. We need both growth and fallow. Wax and wane.

This is the wonderfully contrasting experience of dancing with our flow — it’s hard to start and hard to stop.

photo credit: malavoda

Dancing with Flow

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min