Who Defines My Needs?


I make a difference by being what I am. I add value to my world by being the light I am, and by holding onto this light no matter what externally arrives to me.

To do this, I need to protect myself from the overwhelm of the external world. I need to protect who I truly am. I can not lose myself; and it’s important I acknowledge the force by which others may seem to want me to. I need ways to deal with the tension between taking care of my inner business and taking care of external affairs.

As a child, it could be hard to know what was right — the authority figure who wanted me to change, or the inner guru who knew I was as I needed to be. It was hard to know what defined my needs. Now as I grow, I am learning to better understand the contrast between my truth and the manufactured needs that keep me from it.

My truth is in my inner directive. My wisdom lies in staying connected to myself while pushing into the world. In holding my sense of self I have what I need to sense my way forward with confidence.

Who Defines My Needs?

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min