An Essential Boundary


Opposites hold an essential boundary for the other. This boundary is a space they both hold in common. When you’re standing on it, you can see the spectrum of truth spanning both sides of the opposition.

Bridging this shared boundary is a delicate dance that requires being able to access both sides, while holding the tension of their opposition.

Your pain and your potential are two sides of the same coin. Without an awareness of both, you take the wealth out of your experience. To truly know one, you must know both; and to the extent you know one, you know the other.

Imbalance is a result of heavily favouring one side of an opposition. It is a result of seeing one aspect of the coin, such as your potential, as more valuable and attractive than the other.

In working to know and value both sides, neither side needs to be lacking for both is acceptable. In this place of acceptance, you masterfully bridge the essential boundary these opposites share.

photo credit: Pablo Fernández
Thank you, Lee Shane, for the inspiration and support in expressing this concept.

An Essential Boundary

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min