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Reality is What You Make It

by | Oct 27, 2015 | My Journey | What's On My Mind, Self/Business Growth


Despite how we talk about it, reality isn’t one thing. One stream. One truth. Reality is defined and designed by you, the individual. And, by design, you get to decide how “real” you want your reality to be.

You are given the possibility, and the imperative, of being able to bring into reality the things that are truly real, and truly healing for you.

If you decide that your reality is full of lies and half-truths—or even a casual ignoring of the truly real—then this is your reality. Your detachment from your truth is a critical aspect of your reality.

What is real anyway? Perhaps what’s truly real is what feels most like our authentic truth.

This is my desire: for anything other than my truth to be the uncomfortable place. I want to learn to sit comfortably uncomfortable in the beauty and messiness of my truth. I want to feel that anything less than it is a trap I am creating for myself. For I know — and have learned — inevitably, the truth will catch up with me. I can’t outrun it, though I can deny it. Yet no matter where I look, it will still be there.

The denying of our truth adds pressure and pain to our lives. It’s the pressure to re-frame everything; to re-frame our reality so that it painfully fits into the limited perspective we’ve deemed acceptable. It’s a carefully crafted noose that will eventually hang us.

Instead, why not bring into reality the things that are truly real, and truly healing for you? Trust it’s your imperative as its designer.

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Reality is What You Make It

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