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The Motion of Emotion

by | Jan 15, 2016 | My Journey | What's On My Mind, Self/Business Growth

photo credit Joschko Hammermann

My emotions are not me.

They are my energy, in motion. I am not responsible for my emotions—I am responsible for what I do with them.

It’s interesting to me how much my feelings change, how much I am in a state of shifting emotion. This awareness affirms that in fact my feelings truly are in motion, and it affirms how unhelpful it is when I try to hold onto the energy they bring. My emotions are in motion for a reason, and attempting to control their movement, by stopping it and/or holding onto it, does nothing for me. In my attachment to my feelings, I miss their point.

9 seconds.

I read that our anger lasts for 9 seconds, unless we attach to it, catch on to it, get caught up in it. 9 seconds for the emotion to move through us, if we let it. 9 seconds for the wave to pass.

In motion for a reason.

My emotions rise and fall, never staying steady. They move around and they are hard to catch. Growing wiser to their pattern, I’m trying to not control my emotions so much. Instead, I’m trying to let them be. Instead, I’m learning to ride their rise and fall, letting them lap at the shore of my awareness and then retreat. Responsible to the inevitable motion of my emotions, I’m understanding it’s not what I feel that matters but how I handle it.

photo credit: Joschko Hammermann

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The Motion of Emotion

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