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The Motion of Emotion

My emotions are not me. They are my energy, in motion. I am not responsible for my emotions—I am responsible for what I do with them. It's interesting to me how much my feelings change, how much I am in a state of shifting emotion. This awareness affirms that in fact my feelings truly are in motion, and it affirms how unhelpful it is when I try to hold onto the energy they bring. My emotions are in motion for a reason, and attempting to control their movement, by stopping it and/or ...

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Takers Gonna Take

It's really lovely to know that through giving freely, I can inspire someone to be more giving. Sometimes though, I encounter a person who consciously (or unconsciously) feels free to consistently take more than they give. I need to watch my balance with them. For as much as I love to give, and to encourage it, I don't enjoy feeling used. With this kind of person, I need to check in with my giving self, and be honest about who they are and what they want from me.

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What I Don’t Want

Keep Out The subject’s been coming up a lot for me lately. It seems I am being schooled in the Art of Alchemy. I'm being taught about my ability to transmute that which is undesirable into something worthy. I am learning to understand the power of what I don’t want.

I don’t want it... and that’s okay

Sometimes I can be too open to the possibilities... Sometimes I can be a bit too eager to accept what’s being given to me. The Truth is some things aren’t good for me to open to. Some things being offered aren’t meant to expand me. Some things aren’t given to me with the best of intentions.

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