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Emotional Self-Abandonment

We, as humans, have a tendency to use our mind to negate our emotions. We use our mind as a tool to abandon how we feel. I know, personally, I often use my mind to abandon my negative feelings, especially when they are directed at someone I love. In these moments, I'd rather pretend the feelings aren't there... than explore why they are. The result of doing this, of locking up my sensitives in my logical mind, is that I disown my feelings and my emotional needs. For some of us, we ...

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Logically Speaking

Logically speaking, when I deny my emotions as a factor my conclusions can't help but be faulty, can they? When I deny my emotions, I can't be rational, logical nor true, can I? If anything, I'm being highly illogical. Emotional even. I'm certainly not acting from a place of wholeness. To not recognize that my emotions exist, and/or the emotions of others, is an imbalance in perception that will not benefit me. To be neutral and balanced, to honour the existence and validity ...

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