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Fresh Words, Fresh Space

Pay What It's Worth: You Don't Need to Set a Price on Value is on the cusp of being published by Integral Publishers, and I'm happy to be blowing the dust off my keyboard and getting back into things.

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What Are You Asking For?

I'm so intrigued by what I'm witnessing. With time, I'm learning of more and more business experimenting with not setting prices. Their individual approaches to doing so are wholly unique, with nuances tailored to meet their specific business needs. What is shared by each however, is their need to identify and communicate what exactly they are asking for their customer to do, if their customer is not paying a set price. How exactly does the exchange work? What are my needs as the ...

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Means so much

The Thing That Means SO MUCH

A Calling I've always wanted to — and knew I needed to — WRITE a BOOK. If I knew anything about myself, I KNEW this. And this KNOWING was so powerful that it became incredibly painful. Resistance But I didn't know how, so I tried to escape from IT. The pressure of IT. For a while. With time and practice, it became not so much the WRITING that weighed, but THE (unwritten) BOOK itself. As did my resistance to ALL THE MEANING I had now placed on IT. Nothing meant more ...

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Some Customers: Reflections on Pay What It’s Worth Pricing

Some customers pay less; some customers pay more. Some customers pay less and buy more; while some customers pay more and buy less. Some customers appreciate more; some customers appreciate less. Some customers appreciate more and share you less; while some customers appreciate less and share you more. Whatever their way of expressing it, they're happily choosing the experience and to share their satisfaction. They're actively valuing what they love. And the monetary value ...

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Discovering the Meaning of Pay What It’s Worth Pricing

An Exciting Concept I learned about the concept of Pay What It's Worth pricing as a result of an email from a reader, Jay Cowan. He recommended I check out the book called Secrets of the Wealthy Mind, as it discussed the concept of Innerpreneurs. At the time (2009), there was only one book I knew that mentioned and identified Innerpreneurs as a group, and so I was fascinated. Jay also mentioned that the author, Phillip Dignan, had “an interesting way of selling it”, referring to ...

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