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Marketing to Innerpreneurs & Cultural Creatives

What I Mean by “Marketing”

The word “marketing” can often be seen as a soulless one and one without any true meaning. In my career, I have heard people define it as many things, from “making things pretty” to “trying to sell people crap that they don’t need”. My Mac dictionary defines it: “the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.”

None of these definitions jive with me. They are too simplistic and reductionist. They don’t say a damn thing about the most important consideration in marketing — your client. Marketing is a big waste of time if you never bother to understand and connect with your target market. Marketing isn’t about you, it is about understanding and solving the pains (problems) of your clients.

To me, marketing is:

  • connecting with your ideal client
  • generating business
  • creating loyalty through client experience

To put it simply, it is Mindful Marketing. It is looking at marketing from a more holistic point-of-view.

We Are All Marketing to Each Other

Each of us believes that consciousness should be present in all aspects of our lives, including our business practices. As such, our business activities invariably end up appealing to clients of a similar mindset. We are all marketing to people just like us, to Cultural Creatives. We have created a new type of business, conscious commerce. Businesses created by Cultural Creatives for Cultural Creatives.

‘Modern’ techniques of marketing don’t work on us. We aren’t looking to buy “stuff” instead we are looking for things that will make our lives work better. We are looking for experiences, not products and services. We want to build businesses that will uplift spirits, educate, soothe, inspire and enlighten.

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How to Market to Innerpreneurs and Cultural Creatives

  1. Be Authentic
    Innerpreneurs remaining authentic will be a growing concern as conscious commerce grows in popularity as it is difficult for us to connect with and hire marketing experts that practice the type of marketing we believe in. As you may already experience, finding mindful experts for all of our innerpreneurial business activities, e.g., accounting, can be difficult. This is why I feel it is important for us to begin connecting. Lets make it easier on all of us to find and work with each other.
  2. Appeal to Your Clients’ Head and Heart
    Provide your clients with all the information they need to make a decision (CC’s shop with their heads) but provide it in a way that makes them feel connected to your offering (CC’s buy with their hearts).
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Challenge Convention
    Take your own road. Your clients will be attracted to it.
  4. Be Transparent
    Simply tell the truth. Your clients will see right through gimmicks or tricks and may quickly discount you because of it.
  5. Connect With and Challenge Your Clients’ Mind
    Cultural Creatives like to dig into the layers of ideas. Use that concept in your advertising messages. Layer them. Make them curious about you.
  6. Get Involved
    It’s been coined cause marketing. Get your business involved in causes. It could be as simple as volunteering your professional help to a non-for-profit or powering your office with renewable energy. Either way, show your clients that you walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.
  7. Get Personal
    We love hearing people’s stories. Make your personal and business story be available to your clients.
  8. Help Your Clients with Word-of-Mouth
    Make it easy for them to educate others on your offerings. Cultural Creatives love spreading good ideas. The internet is the best tool for this. To encourage word-of-mouth, make sure you have a website at the very least.
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Are there other marketing strategies that connect with you?

Hello! I’m Tara, a wizard of less obvious things. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to connect with me.

I deeply appreciate your support of my work—through allowing it to grow in your imagination, through sharing it with others, and through your financial support.

About Tara Joyce

Hello! I'm Tara, a wizard of less obvious things. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to connect with me. I deeply appreciate your support of my work—through allowing it to grow in your imagination, through sharing it with others, and through your financial support.

9 Thoughts on “Marketing to Innerpreneurs & Cultural Creatives

  1. I really like the idea that we're marketing to others like us. I work with lots of artists, dancers, performers, and this is very useful thinking for folks like them (and me).

  2. Jaki,

    I'm glad that my thoughts were of value to you. I think that understanding that our ideal clients are those with similar mindsets is a great tool to ease the anxiety that “marketing your self or your business” creates. What is great about conscious commerce is that individuality (and having a good idea) can be your greatest promotion tool.

    We need to be aware that just because someone is a “marketing” expert does not mean they are an expert at the kind of marketing you believe in. Different mindsets mean different priorities. Make sure you work with those who share your values or you may quickly find them compromised by “expert” opinions on what works.

    Thanks for reading and commenting,


  3. Hilary Harwell on May 12, 2009 at 8:38 PM said:

    Wonderfully useful advice! Thank you so much for another valuable contribution. I look forward to your updates with great fervor! – Hilary Harwell, An Inspired Mind LLC, http://www.hilaryharwell.blogspot.com

  4. My pleasure, Hilary! I am so happy to be of value and service to you.

  5. Annette on August 14, 2010 at 8:32 PM said:

    I love the expression of “innerpreneurs!” It fits with the kind of kindred spirits I'm looking for in the Heartland!

  6. Great to meet you, Annette. I look forward to hearing more about what
    you do.

  7. Haleytunes on April 6, 2011 at 3:32 PM said:

    Hi Tara,
    Like your site, and your ideas. I am definitely a CC, and what you say about the old style of marketing no longer appealing to CC sensibilities is so true. I'm also a singer-songwriter coming completely from a consciousness oriented perspective. Someone told me about Lohas, and then I discovered the CC thing. I was wondering if you had any ideas for how to get my CD noticed by these groups? Keeping in mind, please, that being a musician is equivalent to having very little money!

  8. Hi Brian,

    I can suggest what has worked for me? Put your voice out there.

    However you can. Use the web to the best of your abilities to connect

    with the right people. Work to understand who the right people are.

    Then find out where they are. Also, find out how you can help them

    through your music. And share that with them. And keep this going for

    as long as you want to do what you love.


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Marketing to Innerpreneurs & Cultural Creatives

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