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For the Next 2-ish Weeks

Nicaragua, Central America

I'll be in Nicaragua

Very early this morning, I left for my vacation to Nicaragua, Central America. I will be traveling throughout the country for a little under three weeks. I am so excited to:

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How You Can Be a Good Host to Your Ideas

...so your innerpreneurial dreams can be born.

  1. Recognize that you have ideas. Pay attention to the thoughts that enter your mind and be conscious of the ideas that can be found within them.
  2. I finally noticed that a lot of my thoughts were about words and writing, the web and culture. About working on projects and being in solitude. About having a balanced, nomadic career and life.
  3. Notice when you use the words, "I wish" or "There should be". Take notice of the changes you would like to see around you. Be a part of that change.
  4. I noticed that I had always thought, "I wish I was a writer", but had never admitted it out loud. So I did. Later I read about innerpreneurship and thought, I should blog about my innerpreneurial experiences. So I did.

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The Words That Connect Us

Collective Consciousness

Creative Commons License photo credit: nosha

Sometime I feel like it is impossible for us to find words that we all connect with. Yet, I think that nothing is impossible. I've got a dream to get to space and if you tell me that isn't possible, I'd ignore you. I'll get there, just wait and see. I'll be like Lance Bass, hurtling through space. But I digress. Let's get back to the topic at hand.

Finding the Right Words

I am constantly perplexed by how to succinctly describe Cultural Creativity and Innerpreneurship. Which leads me to be constantly perplexed by how to describe myself and what I do. I know I'm not the only one. In fact just yesterday I read this helpful article from Freelance Switch on How to Describe What You Do. But I feel almost embarrassed to say that I have trouble describing what I do, especially since my "expertise" is suppose to be with words. But perhaps that is where the problem lies, I over think it too much. I don't just want words to use, I want the right words to use. I want to use words that make the Cultural Creatives of the world perk up and take notice.

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How Can This Blog Better Help You?

This blog was created to help the innerpreneurial community grow and prosper. And to truly grow and prosper one must be constantly evolving. Since starting Rise of the Innerpreneur I've had a few ideas of how it could be improved to better serve us all. But before I go an implement them, I wanted to make sure that you think they are a good idea too.

Take the Survey and Tell Me How

I've created a very short survey (5 mandatory questions and 2 optional) asking how this blog can better serve you.

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