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The Words That Connect Us

Collective Consciousness

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Sometime I feel like it is impossible for us to find words that we all connect with. Yet, I think that nothing is impossible.

I’ve got a dream to get to space and if you tell me that isn’t possible, I’d ignore you. I’ll get there, just wait and see. I’ll be like Lance Bass, hurtling through space.

But I digress. Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Finding the Right Words

I am constantly perplexed by how to succinctly describe Cultural Creativity and Innerpreneurship. Which leads me to be constantly perplexed by how to describe myself and what I do.

I know I’m not the only one. In fact just yesterday I read this helpful article from Freelance Switch on How to Describe What You Do. But I feel almost embarrassed to say that I have trouble describing what I do, especially since my “expertise” is suppose to be with words.

But perhaps that is where the problem lies, I over think it too much. I don’t just want words to use, I want the right words to use. I want to use words that make the Cultural Creatives of the world perk up and take notice.

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But What Are Those Words?

The Cultural Creative business world needs a unifying language. We need to find the words that excite and energize us. The words make us sit up and say, “yes, that is the type of person and business I want to work with.”

Paul and Sherry stated it clearly in The Cultural Creatives, we need to unify. We need to find each other and work together so that our voice is heard just as loudly as those of the Moderns or Traditionals. But what does our voice sound like?

My Words to Describe Our Voice

When I speak with many of you, one on one, the word creative often comes up.

While we are all creative in the way we think, I don’t think the word universally unites us. Cultural Creatives are not simply the creative people of the world. After all, every human is creative. We can not claim that word as our own.

Our creativity is a major aspect of us but it is not our distinguishing feature. Creativity alone does not explain why we care so deeply about making a difference through our actions, both in business and in life.

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What I do think sets us apart is that we are more authentically in tune with our creative selves. We are conscious that our creativity can be used not just to make money but to better ourselves and the planet.

And thus the two words I return to, time and time again, to describe us, our business and our minds is holistic and conscious. For I can not think of any other words that so completely describe what we are.

My Argument for ‘Holistic’ and ‘Conscious’

We have each started businesses because we believe in cultivating both sides of our minds – both the logical and the creative. Both the left and the right – the whole  mind – the holistic mind – the elastic mind.

We believe that a human life can be balanced. And we know it is possible. We live it. We exist outside the stormy chaos of the larger world. We strive daily to live a balanced, compassionate life. We see things as part of a bigger picture and we act in ways that harmonize with the greater good. In every action we consider our self, our community and our planet. This way of thinking is know scientifically as Systems Thinking. But I don’t find that term accessible. Holistic thinking, however, works for me.

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What Words Work For You?

What words do you use to describe your business and your self? What words could Cultural Creative businesses use to attract you?

What words make you stop and take notice? What words do you connect with?

And finally, am I way off base? Do we even need to have a common language? Does it even matter? Am I nuts? I was talking to myself a lot yesterday…

Hello! I’m Tara, a wizard of less obvious things. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to connect with me.

I deeply appreciate your support of my work—through allowing it to grow in your imagination, through sharing it with others, and through your financial support.

About Tara Joyce

Hello! I'm Tara, a wizard of less obvious things. I love hearing from you, so please feel free to connect with me. I deeply appreciate your support of my work—through allowing it to grow in your imagination, through sharing it with others, and through your financial support.

15 Thoughts on “The Words That Connect Us

  1. Daniel,

    You are so right, actions do speak louder than words. So perhaps their
    is no need for labels or unifying language. Perhaps we will simply
    unify through the actions we take and the lives we live.

    Thank you for making such a great point. Words lie, actions don't.

    For those of you who are music lovers, check out Daniel's site. He
    does musician portraits on vinyl. I am especially fond of his portrait
    of Roy Orbison: http://vinylart.blogspot.com/2009/01/halfway-un
    . He is a great talent.

  2. Is as does. I try to be careful of labels, of adjectives being looked to for clarity as they can flatten and reduce plasticity. I know attention is fragmented and precious, and conciseness is sought, but I do think actions speak louder.

    You hit the nail on the head that all humans are creative. It is what kinda makes humanity amazing. Seek to include. Ahh heck, I ramble about this enough on my blog.


  3. hilcat32 on January 24, 2009 at 7:05 PM said:

    Cultural Creative businesses attract me because they are the change I wish to see in the world (Gandhi)…And, maybe they do use certain words that I'm attracted to, but that is not the only thing that attracts me. It is everything and nothing.

    I don't think you are off base at all. In fact, I think you are “right” on with using the the words holistic and conscious….I, also, don't think it really matters. Definitions or labels put things in a box and that makes it harder to break out. But, defining and labeling is human nature. The trick is realizing that it is an illusion.

    I wanted to comment the question you asked in Black and White Thinking:

    Why do you think so many people find it easier to reduce the world into black and white? Right and wrong?

    This is a tough question with multiple answers. Two of them may be because it makes the answer simple and it is what we are taught in our education system. It is like life is just a game; you can chose to either be a winner or a loser. To me this is an out-dated, linear way of looking at life. If you look at nature there is no such thing as winners or losers. Everything has a purpose and that purpose is what keeps things in equilibrium.

    Thank you for creating this site.


  4. Hi Tara,

    I think that 'Holistic' and 'Conscious' are very good. 'Holistic thinking' is perhaps only partially good, as I think it emphasizes 'cognition' at the expense of empathy, 'emotional intelligence' and 'spiritual intelligence'.

    As Daniel said, actions do speak louder. And if we want to 'be the change we want to see in the world', that requires, as so nicely expressed by Deepak Chopra, 'clusters of like-minded people' that join and collaborate in 'co-creating' better us and a better world.

    Related to this and to Maslow's 'Hierarchy of Needs' model, “Spyral Dynamics” also has something to suggest about human development and cultural change. A search for 'spiral dynamics' may bring a new insight.

    The only problem with worlds, terms and definitions is when people get seduced by them or attached to them, and use them as labels for status/image purposes, as this increases the ego, preventing us from knowing our real self, our source of creativity and inner light that brings the change from inside out…

    But in order to achieve 'clusters of like-minded people' and cultural and social change, unifying words and themes are indeed important.

    Keep up the good work, Tara…

  5. Hilary,

    Thank you for your well thought out answers. It is nice to hear that
    the words holistic and conscious connect with you.

    I do agree with you that words are not really what is important,
    though, on the web, words do have heightened importance. If most CC's
    are looking to work with conscious businesses, those words should be
    used on our websites, marketing materials, etc. We do need words to
    describe the work we do, otherwise what distinguishes us? What makes
    me, for instance, any different from the average web consultant? I
    know upon working with me, you would realize but what about when one
    is looking to for a business to work with? If I know holistic web
    consulting, for example, is appealing to CC's, I will use that
    language on my site and attract more CC's than I would just writing
    web consulting.

    I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on black and white thinking,
    winners and losers. Everything does have a purpose, there are no losers.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,


  6. Spiral Dynamics…oh, I'm excited to research it! Thank you, Liviu.

    And thank you for sharing your thoughts on the words that connect us. I have a small arguement towards 'holistic thinking' as I think it does include empathy, EI and SI. To me, holistic thinking means taking into account all aspects of the situation before coming to a decision including empathizing with the parties/systems involved, and using spiritual and emotional intelligence to frame the situation correctly.

    But I appreciate you sharing you thoughts and letting me know that 'holistic thinking' is not a term that connects with you as strongly as conscious or simply just holistic does.

  7. Hi Tara,

    Thanks for all your valuable, inspiring, and engaging work. My view was that 'holistic thinking' is more related and associated to rationality and reasoning, and might be read/interpreted by others as not related to feeling, empathy, the matters of the heart, soul, etc. Reading your blog I know that your definition is broader. Others, however, might interpret it more strictly, hence my suggestion. By all means, use it; I'm not against it at all. Different combinations of words may appeal differently to various people, and many will like it… that's the beauty of language…
    I'd also use the word 'awareness'.

    My best wishes,

  8. I would to agree with your statement that “every human is creative”. But i cannot your thought about holistic and conscious thinking. I think all of us are capable of being a holistic and conscious thinker, but one of them just predominant than the other. I remember my professor once said about the “thinker” and the “feeler”.

  9. It is always a pleasure to speak with you, Liviu.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me.

  10. Noni,

    I think that a link to my article on culture and consciousness is the
    best reply that I can give.


    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


  11. Is there a social network for cultural creatives?

  12. Hi Desiree,

    Specifically for Cultural Creatives? No. There are many social networks that cater to us (e.g., sites for green living) but none that specifically state that they are for Cultural Creatives.

    There are so many social networks that have been created in the last few years that it is almost impossible to keep track or know of them all. I´d be happy to list some that I think may be of value to you if you let me know what you hope to get out of the network.

    Thanks for reading,


  13. underthegunnwriting on December 4, 2009 at 1:44 AM said:

    This is exactly right. I am glad you are saying these things, because the time has come to define us apart from the rest of the online business world. I am in the process of starting an online business, and am looking for inspiration, not how-tos so much as 'why tos'. This site is helping, because anything that is an inspiration is good.

  14. I like that, “why-to's”. How perfectly put. Thank you. I am so
    grateful that my words are inspiration to you.

  15. At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prmloeb!

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The Words That Connect Us

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