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Speak Up and Share Your Wisdom

by | Jan 16, 2009 | Self/Business Growth

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For the non-bloggers in our tribe. This article is for those of us who have yet to use the web to speak up. As I mentioned earlier, I am traveling to Nicaragua in late January and I am looking for guest writers to contribute to Rise of the Innerpreneur while I am gone. If you have yet to write for the web, I would be honoured if you would take this opportunity to speak up and share your wisdom with your fellow innerpreneurs.

The web is a funny invention. Many cry that it has ruined writing. That all the CU L8R’s and excessive !!!!!! are a travesty to the English language. But I disagree. As the web is the first medium that has allowed the individual to easily share their unique perspective with the world. Before it, we could only shine our light on those in direct proximity to us.

But now we have computers and Internet connections and the ability to interact with people from all over the world. And even better, we have the ability to share our wisdom with people who are seeking to benefit from it.

No one is forced to read what you publish. If someone is reading your thoughts it is because they actively chose to do so.

But for a lot of us, before we can begin to share, we first need to tame our inner critic. We need to see that speaking up and putting oneself out there for the world to love, hate or ignore, while not easy, is incredibly fulfilling.

The Inner Critic Drone

Why would anyone care to read what I think?

Maybe people will hate it and tell me so.

Maybe I’ll sound stupid. Maybe my writing sucks. Maybe what I write will be obvious and trite.

Or even worse, maybe what I write won’t be perfect. Maybe it won’t be up to the high standards I set for myself.

The Inner & Outer Truth

If you write about something you are passionate about and if you write about it with truth and honesty, it will feel amazing and it will be ‘good enough’. For all it takes to be a good writer is writing your truth.

Remember, no one else is like you. No one else knows exactly what you know and communicates it in the way you do. You have so much wisdom that only you can share.

Your Thoughts Matter

The web has given you the power to share your unique wisdom with a community of people who want to listen. You now have the chance to make a difference in more people’s lives than you ever have before.

You’ll be scared writing that first article (and maybe even the rest after that  – I still get anxious each time I publish) but your thoughts will connect with someone, I guarantee it. All it takes authenticity. Writing honestly about what you care about. There are others out there who care just as much and they will find your thoughts and connect with them.

Finding Inspiration to Speak Up

If you have decided to take the step to begin writing online, don’t force it. The ideas will come to you.

Here are a few ways to find inspiration:

•    Jot down your thoughts when you read, hear or see something that excites you.

•    Be conscious of the conversations you have with others and how your perspective adds value.

•    Start small. You don’t have to jump in with both feet. Start by making a comment on an article that you enjoyed. Or writing a review of something creative you appreciated.

If you pay attention you will notice that great ideas come to you every day. You have so much within you that you could write about. You’ve just got to silence that pesky inner critic, he’s a bossy fool anyway.

Speak up and share your wisdom. See the difference your thoughts make on the world.

If I have inspired you and you wish to publish for the first time on Rise of the Innerpreneur, please email me. My only requirements are that your article be related to the general categories I cover on this blog and that you publish between January 28 and February 17. We can chat about this more in depth over email.
It would be a great honour to feature your wisdom.

This article was originally written for New Zealand’s holistic online community, Holistic Living to help its members to speak up.
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Speak Up and Share Your Wisdom

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