Share Your Creative Space?

Here’s mine.

click for a better view

click for a better view complete with clever annotations

A window into my world

This past week a business partner and I shared pictures of our creative spaces with each other.

It was a great exercise that gave us a good sense of a each others personalities and passions. For me, I found it very freeing to share my space. But I recognize that for some their creative space is deeply personal, so much so that they feel far too exposed to reveal it to others.

Having looked at my space, does it affect your impression of me? Do you feel closer to me? Or perhaps horrified that I am such a huge X-Files nerd? Do you see the value in sharing your creative space with your community (clients, partners, etc.)?

Let us take a look in your window

If you feel like it, share your creative space with us. Allow your fellow innerpreneurs to take a look into your world.

To share, post a link in the comments to an image of your space.

Share Your Creative Space?

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min