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It Felt Right at the Time

by | Aug 14, 2009 | Cultural Creativity, Self/Business Growth


We all make mistakes, we can’t control the fact that we are imperfect. How we react to those mistakes, however, is ours to determine.

Useless regret

It’s easy to look back and chastise your Self for the choices you made — for the words you ‘shouldn’t’ have used or the actions you ‘shouldn’t’ have taken. We beat our Self up for hurting others, for being misguided in our actions, for being wrong. We wonder how we could have been so stupid and we wish we could go back in time and undo what was done.

What we know now…

What we fail to remember when we regret something is that the realities of today are not the realities of yesterday. What we fail to celebrate is the fact that at the moment when we made the choice it seemed most right and true for our Self.

Don’t doubt your choices. Don’t regret your past.

There are no mistakes. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Don’t doubt your inner voice even when it seems that it has lead you astray. We often learn more from the mistakes than we do the triumphs.

If we don’t accept our past, we will be driven to make choices with our ego rather than our higher Self.  We’ll end up making decisions that will neither support our Self nor anyone else.

So next time you’re wishing you could undo the past focus on what you’ve learned from it and how you’ve grown since then.

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Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

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It Felt Right at the Time

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