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Reflections on Value Pricing

by | Sep 24, 2009 | My Journey | What's On My Mind, Pay What It's Worth Pricing

The six-month report

Call me crazy – and I know people do and I secretly like it – but after six months with value pricing, I am fucking loving it.

Sure, some days I think I’m a total wackjob and that I’m screwing my Self. But most days I feel like I’m exploring something really cool.

I honestly believe you can be f’ing great at what you do, have faith in that, and rely on your customers to determine your value.

Value pricing feels like a powerful act of self-confidence. I’ve got enough faith in the awesomeness that is my work that I’ll let you set the price for it.

Let’s get one thing straight, it’s not charity

I’m not doing you a favour. I’m not being kind. I’m being smart.

It isn’t pay-what-you-can, it’s pay what-it’s-worth. Your financial situation is not my problem. If you want to buy something, you had better be able to pay it’s value.

It’s what I’m worth

Did you have a hard time deciding what you are worth? Or did someone else decide it for you? Are you confident in the fixed value determined? To me, my value seems near impossible to peg down.

How does one decide what their worth? Come on, be honest… we compare.

We dig and find out what our colleagues (aka competitors) are worth and then we either:

  1. Price average to lower than average due to lack of experience and/or confidence or as a brand tactic
  2. Price higher than average due to confidence and/or experience

And think, most of us do this, compare and copy when setting our prices… we’re keeping each other in a box. I’m skeptical this system produces a true reflection of the value of your work. Or theirs.

You, comparing your Self to your competitors, is not to your benefit. Do your thing, really, really well, and let the demand dictate your value.

Who knows what you could be worth?

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Tara Joyce

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Reflections on Value Pricing

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