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Holy Shit! Can We All Hold Hands?

by | Oct 1, 2009 | Innerpreneurship

I'm scared

I’ve been thinking a lot about community in the last few months.

My pondering really got going with a phone conversation with Tim Bursch a few months back. He’s a guy that understands the value of making connections and helping people. He had some really interesting ideas for fostering more Innerpreneur interaction online.

I’m more the solitary type.

But I launched the Innerpreneur Forum… with little personal understanding of how to cultivate conversation there. I’m not so into community. I know very little about fostering community. I’m know about connecting one-on-one. I’m just not gregarious (definition: fond of company).

But I see the value in being a part of a community that shares my values and can help me to live a more abundant and meaningful life. Those kind of communities I am looking for.

People like us.

There is a community here. I don’t know many people like you. But to me, a true community is built upon the interactions between its members. I started the Innerpreneur Forum because I couldn’t think of a better platform to allow you to interact freely. Admittedly, the forum has already stalled.

Could you use some support?

Yesterday it dawned on me. I could. I benefit from talking to other Innerpreneurs about the challenges of business.

In an instant I decided to go against my grain and be social with strangers. Let’s talk about the challenges in our businesses. Together. Face to face.

Face-to-face Innerpreneur Support Group meet-up

I’m starting two live Innerpreneur meet-ups:

1. In Toronto, on Nov. 2
2. Online in a video chat room, on Nov. 30

Max 9 ppl. in attendance for either. The cost of attendance is what you value it at. I’ve still got to plan the rest of the details…

This is very scary for me. Holy shit.

photo credit: Tomer Arazy

Tara Joyce

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Holy Shit! Can We All Hold Hands?

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