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Quite simply how your business can work best

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It wasn’t so long ago that I thought…

I came from a Modern upbringing where art was appreciated but certainly never encouraged as a profession. I attended business school, worked in corporate marketing (albeit in tech, music and the performing arts) and was driven to write only when my world seemed to be falling apart.

Until a little over a year ago, I would have never identified my Self as Creative for I felt I lacked the talent, the ideas, the whimsy. I saw my Self as level-headed and practical girl and because I was basically good at everything, I felt I had a gift for nothing.

My mind just didn’t work in the way I thought a Creative person’s should. I thought creativity was something you either had or you didn’t. Case closed.

Now I get stuff done, my way.

Just as our cognitive (thinking, intelligence) and affective (feeling, personality) energies can be measured, our conative (doing, creativity) energy can too. Everyone has an equal amount of conative energy (aka creativity) for engaging the thinking and feeling parts of the mind to produce purposeful action.

This dividing line that we have placed between the artistic and the not is a restriction we place on our Self and others. We are all Creatives, it just looks different on different people. And not all of us equally exercise our ability to act on instinct.

Do it your way

Kathy Kolbe developed the Kolbe Index, a tool that measures the unique way we each do things. The Kolbe Index measures your natural instincts, your Modus Operandi, your way of taking purposeful action that encapsulates your distinct brand of creativity.

Your conative abilities, your creativity, is a unique set of innate strengths and talents that remains unchanged from birth. These instinct-driven behaviors are represented in four Action Modes.

My MO or TJinabottleTM

Fact Finder – the instinctive way I gather and share information is to Explain – I like making things clear. Removing the unnecessary pieces. I feel like my blog is a reflection of that.

Follow Thru – the instinctive way I arrange and design is to Maintain – I like to keep things running well. That’s why I love website structures (aka information architecture). Organizing is a passion.

Quick Start – the instinctive way I deal with risk and uncertainty is to Improvise – This is where I get my most creative energy. I love the unknown. And leaving things to the last minute…

Implementor – the instinctive way I handle space and tangibles is to Restore – I like to protect what has been built. But improve it some how.

Your inabottleTM

Maybe you already know what makes you so awesome but if your still learning like me, this Index could bring some cool insight. Either way shape your business around exercising your instinctual gifts. I bet you it will bring much abundance.

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Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

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