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Thinking You Need to Accept It? That’s So Conventional.

by | Oct 29, 2009 | Self/Business Growth

Closed Doors

Door A: “Either” accept the world as it is

This is conventional thinking. It’s a self-reinforcing lesson that life is about accepting unattractive and unpleasant trade-offs.

e.g., Either you are an artist and know little about business or you are an economist and have no understanding of creativity, art, culture and growth.

Door B: “Or” accept the world as it is

This is conventional thinking. It’s seeing all aspects of life as an “either/or” exchange. Life is full of dichotomies, and you just need to pick the lesser of two evils.

e.g., You are a spirituality aware person and know little about making money or an entrepreneur and you have no understanding of compassion, meaning or purpose.

All other doors: Shape the world for the better

This is integrative thinking. It’s about what can be, not what is. It’s about examining the “either/or” option presented and coming up with the “and”. It’s about developing ways to have your cake and eat it too.

It’s a challenge and it’s scary and lonely and, of course, you’ll have people tell you you’re wrong, but f them. What do they know? If they’re not open to a new way of thinking, so be it. There are plenty of unconventional people who can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

The point isn’t to be right. The point is to try. The more you try and the more you fail, the closer you’ll get to what is possible.

Question everything that man has accepted as necessary. There are no rules. Be your own teacher. Believe in your thinking and let your Self get carried away. Your greatest tool to change the world is your ability to challenge and change your own thinking.

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Thinking You Need to Accept It? That’s So Conventional.

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