A Thoughtful Twitter Use Manifesto


A way to use Twitter authentically

\’\’John Miles of Too Much White Space has inspired me to be a more conscious Tweeter with his manifesto on using Twitter in a thoughtful way.

He wrote:

  • I will thoughtfully compose all posts in a state of awareness and genuine goodwill for all beings.
  • I will not feel compelled to post, just to post. Periods of silence on Twitter are beautiful – enjoy them until the next idea organically surfaces.
  • I will only post thoughts to Twitter that have the potential to deeply enhance the well-being of others either by laughter, thoughtfulness or sparking of new and valuable ideas.
  • I will abstain from idle-chatter and meaningless posts that do not add value to the lives of others.
  • I will abstain from gossip, back-biting, rumor spreading and any posts that does not bring more love to the world.
  • I will always tell the truth to the best of my abilities on Twitter. Neither hiding nor embellishing anything.

Read the rest of his thoughts on using Twitter to add value to the world…

A Thoughtful Twitter Use Manifesto

By Tara Joyce Time to Read: 1 min