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Michelle Barry Franco: January 2010 Innerpreneur Spotlight

Michelle Franco

Michelle Barry Franco The Brazen Soul Follow Michelle on Twitter

I am:

[tweetmeme] crazy grateful for the freedom to create my life and my body’s ability to grow and birth babies.

wishing the whole time we are talking that I could somehow get inside of your head and see the world, your life, this circumstance, our interaction – the exact same way you do – just for a moment. in love with the textures, angles, essentials and earthy details of human relationship.

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A New Design Project For You

Begin Anywhere [tweetmeme] You're already designing a life where you can express your beliefs and values in your work.

"What if we looked at the world as a design project - how might we begin to make it better?" - Bruce Mau

Try looking at your world more optimistically. Seek possibilities for improvement. Let yourself dream of ways to make it better. Be a designer of your world.

"Criticize By Creating" - Michelangelo

Ask Why? Ask the dumb questions. If the answers don't work for you, opt out. 'Should be' and 'suppose to' aren't reasons to do anything. Do it your way. There's nothing you 'have to' accept. This is the new economy and it's puzzle pieces are just starting to take shape. Get off the trail and see where it take the world.

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The Next Right Thing

Heaven [tweetmeme] Sometimes, as business owners, our fear gets the better of us. It's inevitable.

Running a business is fucking hard. It's especially brutal on the self-confidence. We can't acknowledge our progress. We want to feel more sure. We want someone to tell us our answers. There are so many unknowns, and we are risking a lot. What if WE are wrong?

No idea what to do.

When I feel "the questions" weighing me down, I remind myself that my business is no different than my travels.

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Give to Haiti What is Yours On Loan

What is it that you have on loan?


What is it that you have of value?


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Asking Questions

Always Ask Why? [tweetmeme] That's what lead you down my "rabbit hole". You wondered about something that lead your curiosity to here. It's so like you. Always asking questions and expanding your mind. Why can't you just accept the norm, the conventional, the accepted? Why must you ask WHY?

Doing it your way.

It's your thirst for learning, your curiosity at the world, that makes you just that little bit of weird. You want to grow, you work to grow and you do it by consistently exploring your Self and your world. You're a Cultural Creative (or an Integral, as Ken Wilber coined) because of it.

Ask me a question. Ask us a question. Get answers.

To honour our need to explore, I've added a new page to the blog called ASK in replacement of the forum.

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