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Asking Questions

by | Jan 14, 2010 | Self/Business Growth

Always Ask Why?

That’s what lead you down my “rabbit hole”. You wondered about something that lead your curiosity to here. It’s so like you. Always asking questions and expanding your mind. Why can’t you just accept the norm, the conventional, the accepted? Why must you ask WHY?

Doing it your way.

It’s your thirst for learning, your curiosity at the world, that makes you just that little bit of weird. You want to grow, you work to grow and you do it by consistently exploring your Self and your world. You’re a Cultural Creative (or an Integral, as Ken Wilber coined) because of it.

Ask me a question. Ask us a question. Get answers.

To honour our need to explore, I’ve added a new page to the blog called ASK in replacement of the forum (UPDATE: This page has now been removed as I couldn’t facilitate it without using a buggy and problematic plugin). There you can ask me a question by leaving a comment. The rest of the troupe can benefit from our discussion and add to it.

The longer the question, the better the answer. Make it a good story. Including more personal detail in your question will add to it’s clarity.

Ask your Self a question. Get answers.

Have a question on which You need advice? I learned this cool exercise for “dropping down the rabbit hole” for quick guidance and stress relief, and possibly to create a shift of focus, from Julia Cameron in The Right to Write.

Set pen to page and run a little Q&A on your Self. For example, write your question down:

Q. Why can’t I come up with a sample question?

Next listen for advice, and write down what you hear.

A. Because you not confident in your abilities to be engaging.

Don’t be surprised if your answers are hardheaded and practical. Your guidance will often seem simpler and wiser than your normal thinking. Try it next time you need a little perspective to find a solution.

This article was inspired by Shane McSimov’s new blog TheSquab (where he has an ASK page for his readers) and by Samatha Brightwell, who challenges me to embrace my writing, and has encouraged me to read Julia Cameron’s work. Thank you to both of you for your fabulous minds and ideas.

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Asking Questions

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