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Single-Minded in Purpose in 2010

by | Jan 10, 2010 | My Journey | What's On My Mind


I’ve been talking about Innerpreneuring more and more lately… and it’s got me excited and it’s got me thinking. It’s helping me to focus on my purpose and ask  a tough question — how can I best support our movement and the people behind it, AND realize my goals?

I’ve concluded that spreading the word, inspiring the people and supporting the businesses behind the movement, is my single-minded purpose. It’s the way that I know how to contribute best. It feels true to Me, and it prevents me from being something I am not.  I’m not forum manager, or a community animator, or even a community lover. I add value to the world in different, but just as valuable, ways.

So, I’m taking down the forum and focusing on…

Talking with and writing about Innerpreners.

Because this is what I enjoy and dream of doing more of. It is what I am passionate about.

I add value by speaking about and with Innerpreneurs, as I did on Saturday with The Get Real Girls on FM107 in Minneapolis. My first time on the radio!

I add value by exploring and promoting Innerpreneuring here, and with other publishers, as I did with Life Coach Ana Ottaman. She published my 4 article series, introducing Innerpreneuring to her community:

  1. Introducing Innerpreneuring — looking within to find the career that is right for you
  2. What it takes to build your dream business — exploration, commitment, and belief
  3. Using your voice to shape your dreams — expressing what you care about; your passion is your brand
  4. Doing the work to realize your dreams — strategically choosing your future one day at a time

I add value by connecting one-on-one with Innerpreneurs through my coaching, our Toronto meetups or via almost-real coffee dates, like the one I had with Michelle Franco over Skype video last week. These personal, offline interactions are what feels good to me.

Making a difference, and making a profit, by supporting and pursuing My goals and dreams.

I’m sharpening my focus on what I do best, and dedicating my time and energy to growing these talents. I’m cultivating my one track mind in support of my goal to write a book, to make cool things of value, to improve as a coach, to connect with and support Innerpreneurs, and to explore the world.

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Single-Minded in Purpose in 2010

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