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The Next Right Thing

by | Jan 20, 2010 | Innerpreneurship


Sometimes, as business owners, our fear gets the better of us. It’s inevitable.

Running a business is fucking hard. It’s especially brutal on the self-confidence.

We can’t acknowledge our progress. We want to feel more sure. We want someone to tell us our answers.

There are so many unknowns, and we are risking a lot. What if WE are wrong?

No idea what to do.

When I feel “the questions” weighing me down, I remind myself that my business is no different than my travels.

When I trekked the Annapurna Circuit through the Himalayan Mountains, it was scary, exhilarating, empowering, crazy. And, like with my business, I had no idea what I was the hell I was doing.

I knew where I was starting, and I had the confidence and support that I could get to where I wanted to end up. And that’s about it.

The rest of the journey was the amazing, life changing experience of simply putting one foot in front of the other and discovering where it took me.

And, if you’d note, I’m not dead. So that strategy has legs.

Embrace the ride.

It’s cool if you have no idea what you’re doing. No one does.

Just do the next thing that feels right.

photo by: me!
I took it on the Annapurna Circuit.

Tara Joyce

Written by Tara Joyce

In 2008, I started this blog as I began working for myself. It is a reflection of my innerpreneurial journey, growing myself to grow my business. ABOUT ME

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